This’s gonna be my very last post on the blog unfortunately. I’ve been waiting for this post so long to share my honest thoughts here. If you scrolled down and checked out my first post you’ll find that I was so excited to see the final result of this blog. And by now, we basically reached that moment .. and i’m proud.

In this course I was newly exposed to many programs that I hadn’t used them before, such as: Adobe Photoshop (i’m an expert rn). As well as Final Cut Pro. I’m extremely happy that I knew how to montage a whole video by myself. In addition, I got the chance to meet great guests like Dr Mohamad Alruwaished (the audio story guy), Ahmad Alrefaie, Abdulrahman Alfarsi, my Indian friends & absolutely Kathleen&Andrew.

Lets jump to the next point.. Dr Eisa Alnashmi, Its my first class with him actually. I’ve always wished to take a class with him and my wish came true. Although the content of this class was heavy lil bit and I lost 5kg during the semester with no diet & no gym. But I wasn’t surprised at all, cause the Advanced Multimedia class is considered as level 400.

I heard a lot about Dr Eisa before. There were good and bad reviews (not that bad but still bad though LOL😂). In the first few classes I was trying to figure out his attitude to avoid the awkwardness. Tbh I found out that he’s kinda moody, but kind. which made it awkward sometimes to ask foolish questions. I do believe that we’re totally allowed to ask foolish questions cause we’re still students😂. Frankly, I have many more things to say, as its obvious I’m a talkative kind of person 😂 ,but I’d prefer to say it after the grades been submitted. So I end up here.

I gotta be concluding rn… I’d like to thank Dr Eisa a lot for all the things he taught me, all his appreciable efforts, and for replying to every single annoying email I sent. and my last word is ..

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AlFarsi Kites – Day 3

And here’s the last step.. the most difficult and stressful one that contains the meetings/editing both A&B Roll, selecting the images & writing the whole text and stuff. 

We split up the work between us in hope to finish on Sat, Jan 14. We tend to meet up at Caribou Abdullah Al Salem everyday where I consider the staff as my second family lol.

The best part of this step is when we started to watch the records apparently. Watching myself running from the camera had literally cracked me up & I knew that my existence was one of the main struggles we’ve been thru. 

And one more thing, looking at the calendar recently make me feel like … 


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Virtual Reality – KU Stadium

Virtual reality is the new hit in photography world which represents the three-dimensional images. I saw it before couple of months actually, it was about Mecca. The picture was breath-taking! 

This semester I got the chance to take my first 360 panoramic image with the group, using Google Street View app. We unnamedchose the Stadium of Kuwait University thats located in Al Shuwaikh campus to be our View. We took around
6-8 shots hoping to get the proper one. And thank god we did. 

This is the result of our humble trial, check it out .. 

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The Art Director


In Advertising Creativity class, Dr Jasem Al Qaseer has invited Ahmad AlOumi the art director of CUTStudio. It was one of the remarkable seminars that I enjoyed in the class.

  • Who is the Art Director?
    “An art director is someone who is responsible for the visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and movie and television productions. They create the overall design and direct others who develop artwork or layouts.” 

Ahmad AlOumi mentioned the main 6 keys to art directing:

1. Have a vision
The art director must be consciously aware about the theme that he’s in charge to work on. To bring on the most creative ideas that satisfy his client. In addition, he must be able to imagine the scene before applying any object.

2. Earn client buy-in
In this step, the art director tries his best to prepare the perfect mood-board that defines the whole mood and feelings of the future shots. To let his client be up-to-date about the mood of the upcoming shots to avoid the surprises

3. Plan, plan and plan again
If plan A went wrong, go to the 25 remaining letters. But most importantly, DONT GIVE UP.

4. Expect the unexpected
Cause you’ll always find things that you didn’t plan for.  

5. Choose the photographers wisely
The most important step, cause you must end up with proper shots that satisfies your clients. Always remember that the trash is full of unfinished projects.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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AlFarsi Kites – Day 2



Abdulrahman Shaikhan AlFarsi

Well, this post is going to present Day 2 at Bnaider (our second visit). We arrived there at 10:00 am & it was great meeting them again. There were 2 more foreign volunteers Andrew and his wife Kathleen from Scotland. At first I was worried to start a conversation with them cause I totally don’t get the Scottish accent lol. But thank god they both do speak British. 

In the beginning we talked to Kathleen while she was setting the Blue Kite. She reminded me of Adele💗. We had a small talk without our cameras, Kathleen said that she landed in the morning and made her way directly to Bnaider. I asked her about her new year’s eve plans and much more stuff. 

Then we went to her husband Andrew. He has his own distinctive character that i’m literally in love with😂💗. He was a little bit occupied with the kites; we jumped on, and start asking him about the kites, he seemed kinda annoyed with our existence though. So I asked him to count till 10 in arabic lol:p.


The only struggle that I personally faced was .. 7:00 am alarm

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AlFarsi Kites – Day 1

Between several ideas we went for AlFarsi Kites idea that was suggested by Noura AlMannaie. In my opinion, it’d be interesting to know more about this activity rather than seeing it on TV shows or via social media. 


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Dream Came True

At first I hesitated to share this video cause I already shared one in a couple of weeks ago. But this technology has blown my mind for real! It made me like oh. my. god. OH MY GOD…etc :p

Last night I was scrolling down in my twitter timeline & I found this miracle been shared by some of my friends.

You might be thinking that I’m overreacting right now but I assure you that you’ll change your mind right after seeing this video.

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Friday Cricket Game

My guest’s name is Vinod Babu. He works as a Reservation Officer in Caesars Travel. 2016 is his 5th year of residency in Kuwait. I asked him “why did you choose Kuwait specifically?” He replied that he used to work in AirIndia as a reservation officer as well, and after that he got selected to join Caesars Travel. He added that Kuwait is familiar to him cause his brother is here also. 

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Cricket Day 2


Last Friday was our first day to visit the cricket field. Everything was strange to us, everything was like a surprise that grabbed our attention. We were kinda distracted. Thus, we’re lucky to have few more days to complete the task with little more experience. First of all, we prepared a humble storyboard to help us lead the mission perfectly.

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Cricket Struggles

In this assignment Farah & I, were confused about two topics and which one to go with. After a while, we decided to start with the Cricket Game cause it seemed more interesting. 
A night before we prepared about 3 locations for cricket, to be organized and avoid the stress at the same day.

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